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Frequently asked questions

We attend:

– Men, over 18 years but up to 25 years old approximately, at serious risk of social exclusion.
– With a clear will of social and labor insertion.
– With the intention of carrying out an educational program in the NGO.
– With the possibility and willingness to live in a group.
– Without serious mental or toxicological pathologies or disabilities (all this will be evaluated
according to the possible future autonomy of the person).
– Without pending convictions as a result of a criminal offence.

Young people from 18 to 25 years old who need and want to carry out a socio-educational program even though they cannot enter Fundación Putxet’s residential resources and there are no other social referents who can attend them.

No, admission will be the culmination of a process of getting to know the young person and the institution, a waiting period until a place becomes available at Putxet and the result of preemployment tests.

The waiting time ranges from 3 to 15 months, depending on the circumstances.

We try to make sure that this is not the case. The referring entity has to take the responsibility of the young person’s subsistence for the first 3 months, after which time we look for different options so that the young person can spend the night in a house, at the expense of our NGO or by means of the referral to other resources of Xarxa de Joves Sense Sostre de Barcelona.

The referral professional can write an email with a brief social report of the young person to fundacionputxet@gmail.com, and will receive a reply with an appointment for an interview if the profile can be addressed by us.

No, in theory they have to be referred to entities specialized in these groups.

We can help to identify these entities, in compliance with our social commitment to the community.

If they reside in the apartments, they receive residential shelter in an environment of material and moral security, pre-employment diagnoses, referrals to training institutions, and collaboration with them for job placement.

If they are externally monitored, we strive to ensure the minimum welfare rights of the individual: housing, health, food and basic training.

Respect for the fellow young men and professionals, respect for differences in skin  color, religion, way of thinking, etc. is required.

The young person has to be aware that he is going to live in a human community with hygiene, housekeeping and cooking obligations.

It is a socio-educational center, so the applicants must also want to conform to an educational program, supervised by a Putxet educator.

Finally, there is also a policy of saving residents any income they may have, which allows them future economic autonomy.

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